The Crown of the Continent Research Learning Center's (CCRLC) administrative facilities are in a converted "Mission 66" house within the Glacier National Park headquarters area. The newly renovated facility contains a multimedia conference/presentation room for education and training activities and office space for up to four interns.

The CCRLC also has a dedicated, three-bedroom "Mission 66" house to provide low cost bunk space for short-term visiting scientists, students, and other collaborators. The residence is a bunkhouse style, with accommodations that will sleep up to 8 adults. It also has a full kitchen and a washer and dryer. Bunkhouse space is reserved by contacting the CCRLC office. Housing demand is especially high in July and August. Favorable factors for successfully getting housing include early submission (at least before March 31), short duration stays, off-season use, and flexibility in your schedule. That said, we do try to meet as many requests as possible. After March 31, guests are scheduled on a first come, first served space available basis.

Email the CCRLC for more information about our administrative offices and for reserving space in our bunkhouse residence.