Alpine Glacier Poppy, NPS photoAlpine Glacier Poppy, NPS photoAlpine Glacier Poppy, NPS photo

The alpine glacier poppy (Papaver pygmaeum), also known as the pygmy poppy, has a narrow geographical distribution and can be found in Montana as well as adjacent areas of British Columbia and Alberta. Just over twenty occurrences of distinct populations have been recorded within this range. Glacier National Park is home to most occurrences of alpine glacier poppy where they are found in small populations in certain alpine areas of the park. The plant can grow up to twelve centimeters tall and has four yellowish-orange petals and leaves of a blue-green hue. It is found in sparsely vegetated, stony soil of exposed slopes and ridge tops, often adjacent to recently melted snowfields in the alpine zone. Flowering alpine glacier poppies can be found from late July through early September.