Blue Grouse, Bob Chinn  photoGreat Blue Heron, NPS photoNorthern Flicker, Bob Chinn photo

The Crown of the Continent supports a myriad of birds. Whether migratory visitors or year round residents, more than 260 species flock to, feed at, and find mates in the aquatic, riparian, and terrestrial habitats of this region throughout the year.

Ptarmigans, whose plumage changes color with the seasons, find life in the alpine tundra to their liking. Black-backed woodpeckers make their home in recently-burnt forests. Aquatic birds such as the common loon seek out the solitude of remote lakes to raise their broods, while bald eagles feast on a diet of fish.

Many birds will be affected as their habitats are altered due to the effects of fire, flood, or climate change. Researchers are studying the ways that bird species react to changes in habitat and food availability as well as to seasonal temperature changes brought about by climate change.