Scenic view with cattle, NPS photoInterpretive ranger at chuck wagon, NPS photoCowboy trailing calf, NPS photo

Grant-Kohrs is one of the few places where the public can experience a working ranch from its beginning to modern times. However, it can be challenging for managers as they try to interpret 150 years of history, while providing an authentic experience that balances ranching practices with National Park Service laws, regulations, and the mission of the ranch.

Sustainable ranching is a concept that is implicit in National Park Service laws and policies, and is applied to Grant-Kohrs as a working ranch. Sustainable ranching maintains and improves the health of the landscapes, supports livestock as well as wildlife populations, offers educational opportunities, and provides community and social connections for past and future generations.

The staff at Grant-Kohrs continuously take into account the biological, cultural, and physical resources surrounding the ranch. By doing so, they provide a historically unique experience for visitors that interprets a rich past of various peoples, technology, and historical data that spans nearly two centuries.